Visit SALVO to see unique UK and European exhibitors with a wide range of architectural antiques, architectural salvage, reclaimed building materials, garden antiques, decorative antiques, midcentury, vintage, industrial and upcycled products.

Salvo is a showcase for the rare and unique.  The main SALVO 2017 graphic above shows part of the more than 400m of gothic Westminster Bridge parapet which was for sale at Salvo Fair 2015, exhibited by LASSCO Three Pigeons.

The location, on a private estate outside Henley, has a renowned railway collection including full size steam trains, which will be available to ride on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2017.

This year’s theme is Green Living will feature ancient and modern eco-friendly products, services, sustainable fashion, craftspeople and zero waste restaurant Silo.

Buy weekend tickets for unlimited entry including founder and chef, Douglas McMaster’s 2 course Silo at Salvo lunch.  See what’s on the menu.

SALVO 2017 at a glance

10 acres of exhibitors
5,500 visitors over the 3 days
90 exhibitors from UK and Europe
1,000 tonnes, and more, of stock for sale

When: Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2017
Open: 10am to 5pm
Where: Icehouse Lane, Henley on Thames, RG9 3AP
Admission £10: Advance tickets £9
Trade day: Friday 23 June 2017 Register here
Charity gala preview: Friday 23 June 2017 5pm to 8pm admission £25
(all gala preview proceeds to local charities)

More from Salvo … For online marketplaces of antique reclaimed and salvaged items for sale and dealer directories please see www.salvo.co.uk (UK) www.salvo.us (USA) or www.salvoweb.com (Worldwide).

See SalvoNEWS for SALVO 2017 happenings.

Salvo was established in 1991. Thornton Kay runs Salvo, prior to which he ran one of the UK’s earliest salvage businesses, and in the 1970s he ran Comtek, the first green holistic environmentally sustainable fair. The world’s first architectural salvage fair – now in its sixteenth year – Thornton is keen to get green and salvage working together for the people and the planet.

A crane holding a stone in its claws represents vigilance and is the symbol used by a business which supports the Salvo Code for dealers for good practice in stock purchasing, and is acknowledged as the authoritative network for trade.